Fire at Night : Fire Ceremony
with Gregory Jamiel 
Oct 19 • 7-9pm • $25

Our “Weekend of Ceremony”  begins this Friday! We have been working hard to freshen up our beautiful studio and this Friday night is our first big Ceremony in our new space!

Our Sweat Lodge is full, but there are a few spots open for Friday night’s event!

You’re invited to join us for this amazing candlelit Fire at Night : Fire Ceremony focused on setting intentions for your life. I created this ceremony to help you become more familiar with the protocol and flow of a traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony… in the language of yoga that is familiar to you.

The main focus of this Ceremony is to gain clarity on intentions you have for different areas of your life: Knowledge (East), Emotional Wellbeing (South), Physical Healing (West), and whatever Spiritual path you connect with (North). You will get to know attributes of the Four Directions, and the role they play in your daily life. We will incorporate gentle yoga asana (poses) throughout the evening that relate to the teachings of each Direction. This is a rare opportunity to get focused, get grounded, and step into powerful internal sacred space while honoring your ancestors, and expressing gratitude for your life.

Please join us for this wonderful candlelit Ceremony!

Please contact Greg with ANY questions you might have!
503.523.9800 •


The Death Meditation
with Greg & Kelley
Nov 1 • 7-9pm • $30

If there exists one experience that, throughout history and around the world, binds mankind together, it is death.

Death is something we all must face — no exercise or diet regimen, no meditation techniques, no amount of money can avoid it. It is the great equalizer.

This meditation will provide you rich & visceral information about where you have been holding back from living your most vibrant life! We are in fall, the season where our natural surroundings are in a constant state of flux, change, and transformation right before our eyes. The leaves are dancing with vibrant explosions of color before they slip into the deep sleep of winter. On Thursday, November 1 from 7-9pm you are cordially invited to experience The Death Meditation, one of our most powerful guided Ceremonies, which encourages you to savor and be grateful for your life, by contemplating your death.

What To Expect:
We will begin the Ceremony with a Drum Circle chanting The Heart Sutra helping us create a safe and open internal arena to explore, and opening the connection between our heart and mind.

After the Drum Circle we will do a gentle All-Levels Yoga Class to connect more deeply with our physical bodies.

Finally, we will gather our journals and experience what it would be like if we knew we would be dead in 1 hour. As we move through this Guided Meditation you will be asked what dreams & goals you set for yourself that you never accomplished, and what stopped you. You will write letters to loved ones. You will express where in your life you held yourself back, and why. As you come back from the brink of death with the desire to savor your life… you will have pages filled with personal & valuable information on where you are holding yourself back, or what situations are stopping you from living your most passionate, vibrant, and connected life!

Greg and Kelley have lead this powerful meditation many times, and they are respectful of the emotions that come up for people while in this process. You can trust that both Greg & Kelley create a strong, safe container for you to be held in this Ceremony. Greg has danced with death consistently having lost both his parents, and 6 aunts & uncles in the past few years. Kelley has lost many loved ones and dear friends over the past few years and has also contemplated her own mortality with her breast cancer diagnosis.


The Art of Self Care
with Kelley Rush
Nov 4 • 1-3pm • $30

Back by popular demand! In this workshop, Kelley Rush will teach you how to establish daily healthy practices to help you get grounded & feel nourished, whether you have 5 minutes, or longer.  Kelley will draw from years of experience, and her own personal tool box using Yoga, Ayerveda (sister science to Yoga), Pranayama (breathing practice), Essential Oils, affirmations and much, much more.YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

*Please bring a pen, paper, dry brush, neti pot, (yes, there will be a demo) and a towel, ( you will be using oils)!
** Rite Aid and Target have Neti Pots and Soft Dry Brushes


Gifts from the Heart
with Kelley & Greg
Dec 2 • 3-5:30pm • $50

This holiday season, take some creative time to gather with our community and make handmade gifts to give to your loved ones from your heart, not from a store!

You are invited to join Kelley & Greg at their house next to Two Rivers Yoga Studio to make personalized gifts for your loved ones! We will learn about different properties about some of the oils & flowers we will use to customize our gifts specifically for the needs of the recipient. Along with making gifts for others, we will also make some gifts for ourself to bring in more Beauty to our own daily lives.

Gifts we will make together:
• Handmade Soaps • Garden Herb Salt Soak Vials • Custom Bath Bombs • Aromatic Shower Piece • Mason Jar Candles • Soaps • Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

What you will receive at our event:
• All materials will be provided! • You will leave with ALL gifts and recipes to make more at home • Light snacks, champagne, wine, & teas will be provided