I continue to be humbled and amazed after all of these years of practicing Yoga, at how much I have to learn, and at so many times, unlearn.

For years and years in my practice I went after the crazy poses, the longest holds, the fiercest teachers, the deepest emotional state I could bring myself to, and considered it to be the marker for if it was a “good or bad” practice. I had been drawn to and sought after the hard and challenging practices, thinking that they were helping on my path.  There were a million awesome lessons learned in those years, and I now feel like it was preparing me for where I am now, in understanding that more than not we are attracted to the things that keep us out of balance.

Someone once said that “if we ate everything we don’t like, we will probably be the healthiest person that we can be.” This really resonates as truth with me. Both Yoga and Ayurveda can show us the way to living from a balanced place, without having to go to the extremes to feel it.

Through my deeper studies of Ayurveda and Nature, I am becoming more aware and in tune to what I really need to help me come into more of a healthy balance in mind, body and Spirit. My daily Yoga practices are often times very simple, like a walk in Nature saying thanks to all of the trees, plants, the river, the birds, feeding my hens, and working in my garden. It has been teaching me how to take care of myself, so I can thrive, just like the plants needing water and soils that need tending to, and if I neglect that it will be overcome with weeds and will wither or die.

Most days IF I get on my mat, I start my practice with slow breathing checking in to what I really need to bring me more into the place of balance, often times putting in breathing practices, meditations, and poses that I am not drawn to, and keeping is very mellow. What I am discovering is that when I put down the stereo-type of what Yoga should look like in my practice, I am experiencing so much more peace inside! I feel healthier and have more joy emitting from me!

If this resonates with you, I would love to hear from you on what you are doing to bring your life in balance. If you are curious about what these practices feel and look like, please join me at the studio, or our new online classes on Fridays mornings and Monday afternoons, as they are short, sweet and very effective in supporting you where you are in all aspects of your life! (If you can’t make the live classes online, you can watch the recordings when it is best for you)

In Love and Peace,