Name: Trina
Hometown: For the last 10 years it has been Snoqualmie.
Occupation: Yoga Instructor, Stay at home Mom, Classroom Volunteer, Miracle Seeker

How long have you been practicing Yoga? What Style do you practice and teach?
I have been practicing Yoga since 1997 and Pilates since 2003. My practice and teaching is strongly influenced and based in Forrest Yoga, a style that I have experienced many benefits from. I have also enjoyed practicing Pilates regularly since 2006 and feel Yoga and Pilates are good complements to one another.

What is your favorite part of being a member of our studio, classes, & community?
My favorite part of being a member of this community and studio are the people I have met. I love how everyone appreciates this beautiful area we live in, and the willingness to be there for one another.

What is a pose(s) that has helped you heal, feel centered, connected or beautiful?
What has helped me heal, continues to help me feel centered and connects me to the beauty within and around me, is a combination of being able to hold the poses long enough to breathe deeply, activate my feet, and feel whichever pose I am in, along with the core poses like uddiyana, elbow to knee, abs with a ball. 🙂

What difference overall has practicing Yoga made in your life?
Yoga has made a significant difference in my life by helping me realize there is always a choice in how I react. My practice centers me by quieting my thoughts, and has helped me become resourceful in everyday situations.

What else quickens your blood and/or brightens your Spirit?
It brightens my Spirit being with my tribe, being outside in nature, dancing, and tasting good food.

What is your Totem Animal, and/or favorite place in Nature? How do you connect to it personally?
I am not sure if I have a Totem Animal. I love looking outside and seeing the mountains where I live, especially Mt. Si. It makes me happy to see Mt. Si and feel its presence and strength.

What would you like people to know about your classes and the way you teach?
In my classes I love working with all fitness levels and creating an environment that allows people to work and focus on what they can do in the moment. I do love core work! I especially love showing how one can strengthen their core without struggle, then from there how one can use their core to find ease and space in other poses or movements.

What do you want people to know about you personally?
I have a family that includes my husband, two growing kids and a stubborn bulldog. I love living in the Pacific NW spending time with family and friends, and enjoy listening to live music, cooking good Italian and Mexican dishes, hiking nearby trails, and reading inspirational books.