Name: Kat Koch
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Occupation(s): Yoga Teacher, Nature Educator, Travel Consultant, and Vocalist

How long have you been practicing Yoga?
I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since 2003, consistently since 2007. So, over ten years now!

What Style do you practice and teach?
I mostly practice and teach Forrest yoga.

What is your favorite part of being a member of our studio, classes, & community?
Two Rivers is an amazing place. We’ve got 3 things that make my heart melt:
•Fantastic people who truly care and have a lot to offer one another
•Nature surrounding the studio
•And great acoustics for singing!

What is a pose(s) that has helped you heal, feel centered, connected or beautiful?
Inversions have been a huge source of inspiration for me. They have taught me to trust myself, the wall, and other people. They are exhilarating, playful, and challenging. I also love helping people get upside down. Seeing their child like reaction is incredibly healing.

What difference overall has practicing Yoga made in your life?
Yoga has provided a framework for me to investigate my inner world using a myriad of tools. It has increased my self-esteem, reminded me how important self-care is, and has helped me open and show up for the people in my life in an authentic way. Yoga completed my personal trinity – Yoga, Nature, Music

What else quickens your blood and/or brightens your Spirit?
I LOVE to sing. It is a true joy. There is nothing quite like getting up in front of an audience, being present, and going where the music takes us

Quick Eternities brighten my spirit. I coined this term with a friend of mine. When he and I hang out, even if it’s for a short period of time, there is this richness and a sense of timelessness that makes me feel at ease and very happy. Our time together has taught me how to do this with other people. It feels so good!

I also LOVE to travel. I used to travel to get away from my life. But now I love my life! So travel has returned to what it should be: time to step away from day to day activities and step into new cultures, ideas, and feelings.

What is your Totem Animal?
I have a whole tribe of totem animals! Owls and red-tailed hawks, bears and deer, Great Blue Herons, and Rabbits to name a few. I believe it is important for every person with a totem animal to know how that creature eats, shits, breeds, and moves on this planet. This is a part of their medicine. Every creature has a physical and spiritual component. Know both.

Favorite place in Nature? How do you connect to it personally?
One of my favorite places in nature is right here in the Snoqualmie Valley. There is a deep bend in the river and nearby someone has hung a wooden swing from a Big-Leafed Maple. A dear friend of mine shared this spot with me and I fell in love. I walk the fields there exploring, both alone and with a few select people. I’ve seen barn owls on the ground, coyotes ten feet from me, skies full of birds, deer swimming, the list goes on…

What would you like people to know about your classes and the way you teach?
My classes incorporate yoga, nature, and music to help my students deepen their knowledge of both themselves and the world around them. I love creating experiences, experiences that help shift perception. Laughter, Love, and Challenge are present in each of my classes.

What do you want people to know about you personally?
Life: The last 3 years have been very meaningful and life changing for me. And in this last year in particular I have been experiencing many life long dreams coming true, both personally and professionally. Opening up to myself and the world has come with significant challenges, but it is worth it~

Business: I enrolled in an online business school with Marie Forleo and have been using what I learned to grow my business as a yoga teacher/fun agent. I have created two websites, check them out!

Spirituality: The world we live in is rich with beauty and meaning. I’ve discovered over the last two years that my approach to yoga and spirituality is most directly linked to Tantra. This is why I was drawn to Forrest yoga. I want to embody my spirit, not transcend my body. The Tantric tradition believes you can find enlightenment through the body, through living in the world. I’m not sure that is what I’m seeking, but I do know that I am a seeker and am drawn to the mysteries of our world.

My favorite quote:
What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grasses and loses itself in the sunset.

My favorite joke:
Where does the president keep his armies?
In his sleevies.