Jennifer Orchard

Forrest Yoga Teacher

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I met Forrest Yoga on the steps of Two Rivers Yoga Studio in 2007, during a season of deep depression and grief. It was the first yoga I had met that had the compassion to hold space for dealing with the real, the messy and the difficult life has to offer. This was yoga I could practice on my mat and learn to take off my mat into my busy life as a working mom with two kids! I have great passion for practicing and empowering self-care. The last 5 years I directed a program called Transformed Families where I taught life-coping skills to children & adults. After many years on my own healing journey, I understand deeply how the body, mind and spirit are intimately connected. I believe through self-awareness we can quiet our minds and still our bodies, which enables us to learn to hear and receive. As your yoga teacher you can expect me to guide and give from the heart. I am patient, intuitive, thoughtful, encouraging and open. I will meet you where you are and hold space for you to feel inside and connect with your own body and spirit. I love people and I love assisting people to grow and break free. My husband and I work together in the photography business as well and I love the process of bringing the inner beauty that each one of us possesses to the surface, so that my husband can capture that bright light in a brilliant image. That is the same goal I have in yoga class: to uncover the beautiful light in each person.