Need a lift in your day or a little spring in your step? Heart openers are a beautiful thang! Here is a tasty sequence for you to practice at home! Super fun!

Time: 90 minutes – 2 hours
Intermediate to Advanced
Not appropriate for Pregnant Women

Brahmeri through the Chakras in Shoelace
(switch legs at 4th Chakra)

Seated poses:
Seated Side Bend in hurdle Neck stretch > Chest opener > Arm overhead

Ab work:
Elbow to knee with hip traction (10x)

Gate opener (10x)

Bridge with roll (10 breaths )


Turbo dog

Dolphin (5 breaths) > Each leg up (5 breaths) or

Dolphin Strut

Agni sara in Horse Stance (2 slow, 2 fast)

Chest Opener on the Wall (5 breaths each side)

Handstand with front and back splits, on or off wall (5 breaths each)

Chair on wall with block between calves

Forearm Balance Variation (10 breaths)


Sun Salutations (8x) GET HOT!!!
Last one hold backbend (5 breaths)

B-series with 3 pose Vignettes (5 breaths each pose)

Warrior 2 with shrugs or Kite Hawk > Archer Warrior 2 > Extended Warrior Variation
After 1st side: Low Cobra
After 2nd side: Boat with shrugs

Warrior 1 with Brain Cradle > Warrior 1 backbend, hands on hips, back heel up, back knee bent > Lounge Lunge
After 1st side: Prelude to Wave Dancer, stage 2 (on roll, with block btw feet)
After 2nd side: Boat with sitbone grab or hands clasped

Eagle Warrior 2 > Reverse Warrior > Interlock Warrior
After 1st side: Prelude to Wave Dancer, stage 3
After 2nd side: Wave Dancer

Lunge Heel to Butt > Lunge Backbend with strap > Twisting Lunge
After 1st :Bow over roll, 1 arm 1 leg
After 2nd: Bow over roll with strap, 1 arm 1 leg

Standing backbend with roll, hands on hips


Bridge (5 br) > Wheel (10 br)>Bridge (5 br)

Wheel Walks or shimmies!

Viparita Dandasana or Dancer

Cobra Push ups with a roll (5 – 8X)

Lounge lizard with roll (5 breaths each side)

Elbow to knee with one leg straight up (5x)

Reclined Spinal Twist with legs in Twisted Root (5 breaths each side)

Savasana (10 minutes or more)