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Our mission is to inspire and create a healing, supportive, non-competitive community where people can be real, learn to breathe, strengthen, have fun and grow. What this means for our students is that in EVERY class special attention will be given to their individual and healing needs regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner!


Forrest Yoga is infused into the heart and soul of Two Rivers Yoga and its teachers. We honor each student’s journey or path and it is at the forefront of what we offer in each class.

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Special Events

We are committed to bringing the most dynamic teachers, workshops and special events to our community, whether it is world renowned teachers to smaller heartfelt gatherings.

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Healing Bodywork

Experience the powerful healing benefits of our massage and bodyworkers. We offer tools to help you relax, renew, and do something wonderful for yourself.

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We love so many things, and yoga is just one of them! Check out our suggestions for healthy meals, book recommendations, see featured poses, and much more.

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