The Balancing Nature of Practice

I continue to be humbled and amazed after all of these years of practicing Yoga, at how much I have to learn, and at so many times, unlearn. For years and years in my practice I went after the crazy poses, the longest holds, the fiercest teachers, the deepest emotional state I could bring myself to, and considered it to be the marker for if it was a "good or bad" practice. I had been drawn to and sought after [...]

Learning to be. Happy Cancerversary to Me!

Today is my 7 year Cancerversary and I almost forgot! Funny, not funny, that Facebook reminded me! This seems very fitting, as the past few months I have been reminded through deaths of my family and friends, how short and sacred life is, and to keep clearing out the toxic stuff that gets in the way or distracts me from what’s REALLY worth living for! I am amazed at how quickly and easily the “cancers” slide back in and accumulate, [...]

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