Nadi Shodhana means “Channel Purification”

This wonderful breathing practice has many health benefits and is my go to for anytime I need a reset, to ground or steady my mind. In Yoga & Ayurveda it is known for clearing and purifying the subtle channels in our energy body, and is pacifying for all three doshas, making it a suitable practice for most anyone. Alternate Nostril Breathing can be immensely rewarding, even when practiced for a few minutes a day, and on a regular basis. I enjoy starting and ending my Yoga asana practices with Alternate Nostril breath, as it feels like I have taken a nice hot bath leaving me feeling relaxed and renewed.

Some Benefits Include

·     Infuses the body with oxygen
·     Helps with reducing stress and anxiety
·     Calms and rejuvenates the nervous system
·     Supports clear respiratory channels
·     Helps relieve allergies (I use Neti Pot 20 minutes before practice)
·     Brings mental clarity, alert mind, enhances ability to focus
·     Aids your digestion (rest and digest)

The video on this page will lead you through a brief Alternate Nostril demonstration. I hope you enjoy this pranayama as much as I do!

~Kelley Rush