Astrology, Yoga & The Five Elements with Kay Taylor

Sunday, May 6 

1 pm to 5 pm

$40 in advance; $50 at door

“I just want my life to be more balanced!”

If you’ve ever said you want more balance in your life, this may be the workshop for you.

The five elements—fire, earth, air, water and ether—make up all of nature including each of us in our human form. Our unique natural inner balance is shown in our astrological chart—each sign is associated with an element.

Sometimes we appreciate our basic nature; other times we may fight against it, trying to be different than we are. Life’s experiences challenge us to turn on the fire, or get grounded, or live in the air realm of the intellect, or find a willingness to swim in the deep waters of strong feelings. And ether or space is always within and around us, asking us to breathe into who we really are. Here we find true balance between Spirit and matter.

This workshop is for you if you’d like to

    understand your divine elemental balance so that you can be in harmony and balance within yourself

    learn how to expand or soften elemental influences through simple daily choices or yoga postures so that you feel great—and balanced

    go beyond sun sign astrology in a way that’s easy, practical and fascinating. This ancient knowledge can offer you inner acceptance and peace.

When you preregister, please give us your birth data (date, time if possible and city/state/country) You can email this info to  

I will have a copy of your chart ready for the class that includes your elemental balance. It is perfectly easy to understand even for a novice.  

We’ll talk about each element—it’s gifts, challenges and balance strategies—and do a yoga practice suitable for all levels that is designed to allow you to feel how the medicine of that element feels in your body. 

If you’re new to astrology and/or yoga, this will expand your mind. If you know astrology, you’ll see your chart through a broad lens—out of the trees and admiring the forest. If you have an active yoga practice this may draw you to a different focus or intention when you practice in alignment with your basic elements and your elemental state. 

Bring your yoga mat and a journal and pen.

Please dress for yoga comfort. 

Early registration: $40

Late registration May 5th or at the door: $50 

 Testimonial from a similar class:

 “Each week of Kay’s workshop was a new and exciting adventure.  It was so interesting to see how changes of music and the way she cued the poses, led to such a different experience – fire-y and energetic one week, grounding another, and airy and light another.  Talking about the practice and our experience as a group was enlightening to see how we each responded differently to the same practice.

Through it all Kay’s grounded, nurturing presence created a sacred and fun place in which to play and explore ourselves on a deeper level.”

                                                                             —Lisa Day, Yoga/Pilates teacher

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