Madeline Finch

Forrest Yoga Teacher

Madeline began her yoga journey at age seventeen at Two Rivers Yoga and was immediately fascinated by how Forrest Yoga students and practitioners spoke about their bodies. Soon after, she began a quest to harness that sublime sense of connection & the ability to express how she feels in her own body. Forrest Yoga has been an immensely successful platform in her journey to tackle anxiety and embrace her most authentic self. 

Two years into practicing Forrest Yoga, she discovered her love to teach. She learned to hold space and foster the same exploration of feeling in her classes, as she did when she began practicing yoga.  She completed her 204 hour Forrest Yoga Foundational Teacher Training in the United Kingdom as of August 2016.

In addition to teaching yoga, Madeline is completing her B.A. at Western Washington University in Ecogastronomy, Food Policy, & Sustainable Agriculture, loves to cook, and enjoys hiking with her three dogs. With the pillars of Forrest Yoga, breath, strength, integrity, & spirit, strongly rooted in her classes, you will go deeper not just physically but in igniting and empowering your wiser, most authentic self.